Well we made it through the first week of my How To Series! Get Organized…

Today I want to discuss how to stay motivated. I’ll be including some of my uniqueness as well as a document I have created to keep you organized both personally and professionally.

From the moment I wake up I have a list. I know, I know. I’ve just always been a list person. A bit extreme but it truly helps me.

Actually what I really do is plan out my week every Sunday night! This way when I wake up Monday morning I am not so overwhelmed and am more motivated to take on the day.

I am a PLANNER times 100! And you can be too! that is if you want to be. Baby steps if this is all new to you

Here are a few of my tips to keep you motivated in your every day routine no matter what that may be…

I’ll be posting more on my Instagram Stories later today…


This is necessary because cleaning is stress reliving and hey you’ll burn some calories. OK. In all seriousness you need to do it because it will keep you sane, feeling accomplished and in high spirits. Coming home to a clean house or if you work from home in a clean space just makes you feel good! Sounds insane but it is true. I am speaking some years of experience people!

Whenever I would travel I would be up late the night before. Not packing. Cleaning! The vacuum would be running and everything. Come on you know me by now. I packed first thing that morning! After long flights or a drive you just want to be able to relax when you get home. All you will need to do is light a candle or run a bath.

Try it next time. I’m telling you you won’t go back to your own ways. Now if you have kids and they are running around while you are trying to pack have a friend come over to occupy them and a cleaning lady to organize etc. while you pack! It’s worth the small investment. And you will thank me later

Cleaning is pure motivation and an outlet for your mind to wander. I’ve come up with some pretty successful business plans while scrubbing and organizing. Seriously, I have!


Coming from someone who lives online you must know when to unplug. Go outside, get some fresh air and vitamin D. Just do it! It will take you to a whole other place of feeling refreshed. Even if it is only for five minutes. You will definitely feel some much needed motivation that kicked in and your body wanting more so try to make it a habit!


Music is everything! It can help you through a dark time and come along for a big celebration. It is something that is always there when you need it. That being said, I want to share some of my favorite apps and stations that keep me relaxed and motivated throughout the day.

Depending on my mood while working there are two stations on Spotify that I go back and forth on.

chill.out.brain is very mellow and sometimes trance-like but honestly helps me focus. I have this on when I am writing. I actually have it on now!

Chill Hits is usually on when I am doing other computer work or social media etc.

Of course I love my country and pop stations. Those I save for my walks or cleaning/laundry days.

I also love a good music app. Relax Oriental and Relaxed Melodies are my favorite! Download them they are free! these are more calming but keep me motivated in order to finish my day.

If you are in need of some major productivity tunes download I am a HUGE fan!


I have been going in waves with this lately. I love the apps I use I just have had so much anxiety that it is hard to relax. Anyway check out my top apps below.


Insight Timer


Relax Melodies: Music and Meditation

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds is great for setting calming music to wake up to! I like to set all of mine to ocean waves. I don’t get to wake up to that noise anymore now that I am in Vegas…

For sleeping and anxiety try Sleep Well, End Anxiety, Sleep Pillow or SleepBot.

Cooking, writing in my journal, talking to a friend and going for a walk are the best ways to keep me motivated and feeling good? What do you do to keep organized and motivated? Let me know in the comments below.

Remember in the beginning of this post I mentioned the document I created? the one that will keep you organized personally and professionally?

Well, you can now download THE ENTREPRENEUR’S DAILY GUIDE TO GREATNESS here!

If you download it, please let me know what you think.

Until next time…




Podcaster. Author. Patient Advocate. Entrepreneur. Helping you level up in business and life through productivity and organization.

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Kelly Ann Gorman

Podcaster. Author. Patient Advocate. Entrepreneur. Helping you level up in business and life through productivity and organization.