Kelly Ann Gorman
2 min readDec 14, 2021

Are you someone in need of some organization for the new year. Are you ready to clean out that closet or room full of clothes, or maybe old office files? Start your taxes? Do you love the goal setting and vision board vibes? Is manifesting more on your to-do list?

Maybe it’s the pantry or your office space that needs some serious attention? I know it can be overwhelming. The holidays are tough (mentally, physically, and emotionally) and chaotic for a lot of us. However, they don’t need to be. That’s why I am here. To help you get your sh*t together before the new year begins. Both personally and professionally. Or maybe just to provide some realness along the way…

I batch recorded several podcast episodes over the weekend to help you get organized and set up before 2022 arrives. I share my best tips, tricks, and strategies to get you organized and stay productive in your business and life. I share a few little life/health updates as well. Becasue what kind of patient advocate would I be if I didn’t?

I am also running a new holiday giveaway for all new reviews!! Winners will be announced this Sunday 12/19/21 at 12pm PST on my TikTok!

To enter the giveaway simply rate, review, and subscribe to Everything is Messy Podcast on Apple Podcasts. Screenshot and tag me and you win a copy of my book as well as a few other goodies from Que Bella Beauty, Asha Pops, Super Coffee, and Everything is Messy Collection!

I am even giving away a Podcast and LinkedIn School Scholarship. This is HUGE!

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Wishing you a happy, healthy, positive, and productive day.

Kelly Ann Gorman

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Kelly Ann Gorman

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